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NOTICE (4-13-2022): The Mini-TAPS design has been improved and more upgrade options have been added. All open orders and future orders will receive base improvements not shown in some photos. These changes are:

  • Mini-TAPS magazine pouch front tabs have been changed to the style found on the SLEDS placard. This allows us to install SLEDS inserts as an upgrade option.


The Mini-TAPS was originally designed as an accessory to the Crye Precision LV MBAV vest. We found that it also worked as an excellent drop-in replacement for the issued TAPS chest rig.

The issued TAPS shoulder straps are compatible and the Mini-TAPS will clip directly onto the Gen IV IOTV. This platform offers significant weight/bulk improvements along with a hook Velcro backing for danglers and sub-loads.

The Mini-Taps is compatible with the Gen IV IOTV, LV MBAV JTAC cummerbund, LV MBAV 3-band cummerbund, and any placard compatible armor with a MOLLE compatible cummerbund.

All required buckles and the waist strap for these configurations are included. The Mini-TAPS will not function as a standalone chest rig without TAPS shoulder straps or our optional shoulder straps. 


  • 3x Integrated 5.56 OR 7.62x51 Magazine Pouches
  • 2x Laser Cut MOLLE Columns Per Side
  • 2x QASM Buckles (For mounting to MOLLE compatible cummerbunds and LV MBAV JTAC cummerbund)
  • 1x Back Strap 
  • Hook Velcro Backing for Dangler Pouches/Sub-load Panels/TQ Holders/etc.



  • 1x Set of Shoulder Straps


5.3oz / 150g

100% American Made

Lifetime Warranty