LV-X Chest Rig

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DESIGN UPDATE 6-12-23All ranger green LV-X Chest Rigs will be built with matching ranger green webbing. All orders going forward will be built with this new color scheme by default. 

The LV-X Chest Rig is a scalable load carrying platform designed for both covert and overt use. LV-X will accept inserts to swap between 5.56x45, 7.62x51/.308, and various submachine gun magazines (UMP, MPX, Scorpion, Glock, etc.). 


COVERT: LV-X features a unique Velcro split-front design. With the right undershirt and cover shirt the rig nearly disappears while still allowing for quick access to ammunition and equipment. 

OVERT: The Velcro split-front section, MOLLE, and Velcro lined interior leave ample room for expansion. LV-X will accept our SLEDS Placard, 7.62x51 Placard, and placards from other brands (Esstac, Spiritus Systems MK4, MK5, Shaw Concepts, etc.). These placards will drop in and the shoulder straps can be mounted directly to them. The built-in LV-X buckle anchors are designed to be tucked away for this purpose. Each side of the LV-X has 5 (or 3) MOLLE columns that can be used for radio, ammunition, general purpose, and other pouches. 

VARIANTS: LV-X comes in two sizes, the larger version has 5 columns of MOLLE per side while the smaller version has 3 columns. The larger 5 column version is fully compatible with all LV +2, +1, MBITR, and SMG inserts. The 3 column version can only fit the narrower +1 and MBITR inserts on the sides. Both variants can hold the larger +2, +3, and +4 inserts in the center behind the 6"x4" Velcro panels. A selection of inserts can be found here.


LV-X Chest Rig (3 MOLLE Column version) with 2x Large Radio Inserts, +2 Insert, Sleds Placard, SLEDS Retention Flaps, H-Harness Kit, and MOLLE pouches installed


This chest rig does not include straps. We offer options that can be found here:


Ammunition inserts, placards, shoulder straps, pouches, and patches are not included with the LV-X. These are shown for demonstration purposes. 



6.5oz / 184g

100% American Made

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