Multi-Purpose Sub-Load (MPSL) V1 - Quick Ship

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The MPSL V1 is an abdominal mounting platform for either a standard MOLLE pouch, or a tourniquet/gloves.

The Velcro of the MPSL can be attached to most plate carriers, placards, and full sized chest rigs with Velcro space for hanger pouches. It will fit well with our DR Integrated Placard (DRIP), SLEDS Placard, DRIP-9, Mini-TAPS, 7.62 Placard, and other Velcro backed rigs. The MSPL Velcro section is 8" x 4".


The MPSL V1 can be paired with our STUF GP Pouch to convert the STUF into a dangler pouch

Mounting the MPSL V1 with a CAT tourniquet to the front of a plate carrier


1.4oz / 39.7g

100% American Made

Lifetime Warranty