Dank Robber Integrated Placard (DRIP)

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The DRIP is a lightweight combination of a plate carrier placard and a standalone chest rig. It can be attached to placard compatible armor using the standard ITW GTSR 1" buckles and Velcro. The DRIP can also be used as a standalone chest rig with the included straps and conversion buckles.

3x 5.56 Magazine Pouches

1x Small Radio Holder

1x Frag/Smoke/TQ/Bottle/Large Banger Pouch

1x Set of Chest Rig Conversion Buckles

1x Set of Shoulder Straps

1x Back Strap


DRIP mounted to a Spiritus Systems LV-119 Plate Carrier


Compatible accessories:

- 5x Double Stack Handgun Magazine Pouch



5.8oz / 164.4g

100% American Made