5x/3x Handgun Magazine Pouch

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This pouch is designed to carry three or five handgun magazines side-by-side. It attaches using integrated MOLLE straps.

We offer two versions, one for three magazines and another for five. The smaller three mag version will fit to three columns of MOLLE. The larger five mag version is designed to mount to five columns of MOLLE. The pouch can be sized for either double stack or single stack magazines.


This pouch is compatible with our 5.56 DR Integrated PlacardSLEDS Placard, SLEDS-K Placard, and the 5.56 version of the Mini-TAPS. It is too narrow to properly mount to the 7.62x51 DRIP, Mini-TAPS, 7.62x51 Placard, and SDMR Placard/Mini-TAPS rigs.


2.6oz / 73.7g

100% American Made

Lifetime Warranty