DRIP-9 Chest Rig

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DESIGN UPDATE: All ranger green DRIP-9s will be built with matching ranger green webbing and elastic. All orders going forward will be built with this new color scheme by default.

NOTE: This item has options for color/pattern, tq hanger, etc. that must be selected. If these do not appear then please refresh the page or contact us.


The DRIP-9 is a lightweight combination of a plate carrier placard and a standalone chest rig. It can be attached to placard compatible armor using the standard ITW GTSR 1" buckles and Velcro. The DRIP-9 can also be used as a standalone chest rig with one of our harnesses.

The DRIP-9 is compatible with First Spear Tubes and similar cummerbund quick-disconnect hardware. 


This chest rig does not include straps. We offer options that can be found here:



  • 5x SMG Magazine Pouches (GLOCK, M11, MP5, COLT SMG, etc.) OR 4x SMG Magazine Pouches (MPX. SCORPION, UMP, etc.).
  • Hook Velcro Backing for Dangler Pouches/Sub-load Panels/TQ Holders/etc.
  • 1x Small Radio Pouch
  • 1x Frag/Smoke/TQ/Bottle/Large Banger Pouch
  • 1x Set of Chest Rig Conversion Buckles


  • Built-in Tourniquet Hanger
  • SLEDS Composite Inserts
  • Adjustable Ride-Height Buckles/G-hooks


Compatible accessories:



5.8oz / 164.4g

100% American Made

Lifetime Warranty