DR Integrated Placard (DRIP)

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DESIGN UPDATE (4-13-2022): The DRIP design has been improved and more upgrade options have been added. All open orders and future orders will receive base improvements not shown in some photos. These changes are:

  • DRIP is now compatible with First Spear Tubes and similar cummerbund quick-disconnect hardware. The DRIP still fully maintains chest rig functionality.
  • DRIP magazine pouch front tabs have been changed to the style found on the SLEDS placard. This allows us to install SLEDS inserts as an upgrade option.


The DRIP was designed as an armor compatible and expandable version of the original DR Chest Rig

The DRIP is a lightweight combination of a plate carrier placard and a standalone chest rig. It can be attached to placard compatible armor using the standard ITW GTSR 1" buckles and Velcro. The DRIP can also be used as a standalone chest rig with the included straps and conversion buckles.



  • 3x Integrated 5.56 Magazine Pouches
  • Hook Velcro Backing for Dangler Pouches/Sub-load Panels/TQ Holders/etc.
  • 1x Small Radio Pouch
  • 1x Frag/Smoke/TQ/Bottle/Large Banger Pouch
  • 1x Set of Shoulder Straps
  • 1x Back Strap
  • 1x Set of Chest Rig Conversion Buckles



  • Built-in Tourniquet Hanger
  • SLEDS Composite Inserts
  • Adjustable Ride-Height Buckles/G-hooks


DRIP mounted to a Spiritus Systems LV-119 Plate Carrier


Compatible accessories:

- 5x Handgun Magazine Pouch



5.8oz / 164.4g

100% American Made

Lifetime Warranty