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The SMG SLEDS Placard is a SMG/PCC magazine carrier based on the original SLEDS Placard. It can be attached to placard compatible armor using the standard ITW GTSR 1" buckles and Velcro. Shoulder and back straps can be attached to turn the placard into a micro chest rig. It can also be paired with our LV-X to create a full-sized chest rig.

The low profile purpose-built elastic design minimizes bulk and weight. Each magazine pouch is built with an integrated composite insert to assist with magazine reindexing. 

First Spear Tubes can be mounted directly to the SMG SLEDS Placard. This solution eliminates the need for separate Tubes Velcro adapters. Tubes are not included and are not sold by Unobtainium Gear separately.


This placard does not include straps. We offer options that can be found here:



  • 6x SMG Magazine Pouches (GLOCK, M11, MP5, COLT SMG, etc.) OR 5x SMG Magazine Pouches (MPX. SCORPION, UMP, etc.).
  • Hook Velcro Backing for Dangler Pouches/Sub-load Panels/TQ Holders/etc.
  • First Spear Tubes Compatible
  • 1x Set of Chest Rig Conversion Buckles


  • Built-in Tourniquet Hanger
  • Adjustable Ride-Height Buckles/G-hooks


*Plate carrier, magazines, chemlights, tools, etc. are shown for demonstration purposes only.


5.2oz / 147g

100% American Made

Lifetime Warranty