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The SLEDS (SLim Elastic Double Stack) AVS Flap is a 5.56 rifle magazine carrier for the Crye AVS, JPC 2.0, SPC, and other platforms compatible with Crye front flaps. This flap is based on the original SLEDS Placard.

Integrated composite inserts allow for improved magazine re-indexing and retrieval compared to traditional elastic magazine pouches. This solution provides a lighter and lower profile alternative to pouches with Kydex inserts.



  • 3x 5.56 Magazine Pouches
  • 3x Small Light/Tool/Chemlight/Marker Pouches
  • MOLLE Webbing Columns
  • Bungee Pull-tab Compatible


Compatible accessories:

- STUF GP Pouch

- Small GP Pouch

- SLEDS 5.56 Retention Flaps

- 5x Handgun Magazine Pouch



3.8oz / 108g

100% American Made

Lifetime Warranty