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The DR-H Chest Rig is the scaled up 7.62x51 version of the original DR Chest Rig. The DR-H is a minimalist chest rig designed to pack the basics into a compact package. It easily fits into a bag or under a seat when fully loaded. It's perfect as a grab-and-go solution or for practicing at the range.

The main body of the chest rig consists of three layers of durable mil-spec elastic. These form the separate rifle and pistol mag cells. The elastic side wings will hold small sustainment, medical, or communication items.


This chest rig does not include straps. We offer options that can be found here:



  • 3x 7.62x51/.308 Magazine Pouches (SR25, AR10, SCAR, G3, FAL, M14, 417, SAIGA-12, etc.)
  • 3x Pistol Magazine/Light/Tool/SMG Magazine Pouches
  • 1x Smoke/Bottle Pouch
  • 1x Small Radio Holder


10oz / 284g

100% American Made

Lifetime Warranty