Dank Robber Chest Rig

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The Dank Robber is a minimalist chest rig designed to pack the basics into a compact package. It easily fits into a bag or under a seat and the capacity to bulk ratio is unmatched.

The main body of the chest rig consists of three layers of durable mil-spec elastic. These form the separate rifle and pistol mag cells. The elastic side wings will hold small sustainment, medical, or communication items.

The Dank Robber comes as a complete package. No additional straps or buckles are necessary. 


3x 5.56x45 /7.62x39/5.45x39 Magazine Pouches

3x Pistol Magazine/Light/Tool/SMG Magazine Pouches

1x Smoke/500mL Bottle/Small IFAK Insert Pouch

1x Small Radio Holder

1x Set of Shoulder Straps

1x Back Strap

2x Elastic Cord Attachments for TQ/Gloves/etc.


12oz / 340g

100% American Made

Lifetime Warranty