SLEDS Triple 5.56 Magazine Insert for Spiritus MK4/MK5 - Quick Ship

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The SLEDS Triple 5.56 Magazine Insert was designed as an upgrade for the Spiritus Systems Microfight and similar chest rigs. This upgrade features our SLEDS (SLim Elastic Double Stack) composite inserts. The SLEDS Triple 5.56 Magazine Insert also features holes for pull-tab mounting.

SLEDS were designed to:

  • Allow for smooth re-indexing and retrieval of magazines
  • Add a secondary elastic pocket for markers, pens, needles, small tools, etc.
  • Easily compress when empty
  • Reduce bulk and weight. SLEDS inserts are significantly lighter and thinner than Kydex inserts.

This insert will drop in and attach with Velcro to the inside of these chest rigs. These inserts are hand-fitted and bound with laminate to prevent fraying at the edges. 

3.5oz / 99g

100% American Made

Lifetime Warranty