ANVRS MK3 - Active Night Vision Recording System

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NOTE: This item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped outside of the United States. International orders will be canceled and refunded with a 5% payment processing fee deducted.

The ANVRS MK3 is a low profile and lightweight mission recorder. It is fully enclosed in a single housing and is barely noticeable when mounted. The device is operated by a single switch. Turn it on to start recording and turn it off to save the video. 

 - 1080p, 30fps recording
 - Built in microphone
 - Micro SD card compatible up to 32GB
 - 6 hour battery life (extendable with a USB battery pack)
 - Only 32 grams (1.13oz)
 - Timestamp. This feature can be disabled (see the "Owner Manuals" tab)

You will receive:
 - x1 Camera with durable Nylon bracket installed
 - x1 Charger cable
 - x1 Instruction manual
 - x1 Adhesive Velcro kit
 - x1 Black rigger band


*Night-vision Device and SD Card not included.

*For MOD-3, Sentinels, DTNVG, and other devices that use PVS-14 ocular lenses choose the "PVS-14" option. The NVG must have an eye-cup ring for the camera to fit properly.

*If you do not have, prefer not to use, or are unable to install the eyecup ring on your night vision device then select the "PVS-14 - Universal Bracket" option. This option is recommended for ANVIS goggles and users that have trouble mounting the standard PVS-14 bracket.

*Don't know if it'll fit? Feel free to send a photo of your unit to