ELV Cummerbund

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The Elastic Low-Visibility Cummerbund was designed to balance carrying capacity and comfort. It pairs a double stacked elastic compartment with a breathable elastic stretch section. The three-band stretch section allows for greater flexibility and comfort than other elastic cummerbund designs. It has the capability to hold:

-2x 5.56 Rifle Magazine/Smoke/Small Radio

-2x Pistol Magazine/Light/Tool/SMG Magazine/etc.

-2x Tourniquet/etc.

-OPTIONAL: 2x Additional Smoke/Bottle 


The front and back Velcro sections are each 4" tall and 5" wide. 

Overall lengths:

 - S/M - 17.75" long

 - L/XL - 20.75" long


The ELV Cummerbund is designed for use with the Ferro Concepts Slickster, FCPC, and other similar plate carriers.

100% American Made